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Accounting, financial analysis and tax preparation should be flexible representing estimates of day-to-day transactions.


I prefer to make my own way rather than to rely on others for help, even when the problem is complex and requires specific skill.


Honesty and integrity are as necessary for long-term success as knowledge and training.


As a leader/manager, I always take responsibility for communicating the company’s vision and priorities and my expectations and limitations.


I always stand behind and with my team--employees and subcontractors-- so that valuable time and resources will not be lost to internal conflict and sabotage.

 If I disagree with advice given by my accountant, I feel it is my duty to convince him or her to change his/her advice.

I always learn from mistakes and make the changes needed to prevent the problem from reoccurring. 

Remitting payment according to the terms of a contract or agreement is only required if the outcome meets expectations. 

When I assign a project to be completed, I should not have to answer any questions about the project.


Real value and cost savings can be realized by engaging highly proficient services firms in place of long-term employees.

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